Minneapolis Pedicabs are the only way to travel.   For curbside pick up AND expert knowledge of the best spots for food, drinks, or live music – call Minneapolis Pedicabs! We do tours, prearranged rides and door to door transportation.

 Minneapolis Pedicabs is owner operated and human powered.

Now accepting advertising bids for Super Bowl LII Minneapolis, MN 2018!


Established in 2014.

United by an eternal love of riding bikes, forever and forever, in 2011, owners Joe Zugelter and Sarah Mattson pedaled their bikes across the USA. From Portland, Oregon to Portland, Maine for 2 1/2 months the two pushed forward over mountains, along the expansive plains, along shimmering rivers –through the bounty of  America.  A grand spirit of freedom was evoked.

Tiger Ghost Rides is a result of that spirit.  It empowers those who would like to work for themselves–to earn a living with the pure strength of their legs.  It promotes the opportunity for visitors to interact with the local flavor rather that view it passively from behind a window.  Our pedicabs give fresh life to less traveled paths adding vibrancy and safety to the city.  Located in Cincinnati, OH &  our newest location, Sarah’s home town, Minneapolis, MN!