Become a Pedicab Driver

Become a Pedicab Driver and Have The Best Life.  To begin your quest for awesomeness, fill out a permit application  here.

Once you have filled out the required paperwork, contact a Minneapolis Pedicab Representative for signature.

But how does this all work?

– After you are equipped with an official City of Minneapolis Pedicab Driver’s License ($59), you will be legally able to sit on the driver’s seat of a pedicab.  You will be trained on how to operate a pedicab safely on city streets. You will learn how to approach potential customers, where to park, as well as how to engage patrons that take a seat.

– You are in charge of yourself! You rent the bikes on a nightly basis and are completely self-employed.  You reserve a pedicab for the shift you would like to work. You are free to ride when and however long suits you.

-You get strong and fit and medium rich and have tremendously enriching experiences.

-Earning potential $30-90/hr on Fridays & Saturdays, quite possibly MORE for for Special Events: Pride, Taylor Swift, Beyonce & Jay Z,  Ed Sheeran,  MN Twins World Series (we are due).