Pedicabs are the absolute best way to advertise. Here is why:
Pedicabs by nature operate around areas dense with people. We turn heads as we go by. We are extremely eye-catching. But we don’t just generate impressions like a bus or park bench– we create connections with people.  Most of all we create lasting memorable experiences. Our drivers aim to make each ride the best time their passengers have had in their entire life because this ultimately this is how the drivers get the best tip. These authentic experiences are the ones worthy of a Tweet, Snapchat, Facebook post, moments our customers will talk about later with their friends and family. Your brand can be a part of this. Why would you simply choose to sit back and hope conversations will just happen organically about your brand?
We will put your brand front and center in the action on the back or side panels of our pedicabs with high-quality vinyl.  It will look fantastic and people will notice.  For the duration of your ad campaign we will submit photos of the pedicabs and passengers interacting with your advertising on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and our blog.